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Ishinomaki Laboratory



The Makibako is designed to add a bit of sophistication to your storage. The large round hole not only provides an appropriate visual accent, but also adds to its overall functionality by making it easier to carry and converting it into a drawer.

  • Width 28cm, Depth 36.8cm, Height 10.4cm [Small]
  • Width 28cm, Depth 36.8cm, Height 15.4cm [Large]

Tanguile wood

Designed by Shigeichiro Takeuchi


Ishinomaki Laboratory is a Japanese furniture label of humble origins. What began as a public workshop for the community most devastated by the tsunami in 2011 evolved into a platform that energizes people to reimagine. Merging good design with handmade products is at the core of their creative philosophy.

Lamana is Ishinomaki Laboratory's exclusive Philippine-based partner. This collaboration enables local craftsmen to manufacture the label's original designs. Now, Lamana is home to a line of sensible furniture marked by clean lines and straightforward functionality.


Ishinomaki Laboratory honors the materials from which its furniture pieces are made. This practice demands that the wood only be cut when an order is placed––a guarantee that it is accounted for and headed towards a new home.

That said, unless otherwise stated, all pieces are made-to-order and require between 15 to 30 days to shipIn the event that the order is completed ahead of schedule, you will receive a notification.