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A house for select, well-made objects

CATO, pronounced kah-toe, is a Manila-based digital concept store that houses select, well-made objects. Our rather compact selection of Tableware, Drinkware, Furniture, and Accents demonstrates mindfulness and a keen preference for clean, distinctive design. In curating our displays, we attempt to recreate a light and contemporary atmosphere.

A commitment to thoughtful, purposeful production

We tend to favor pieces that align with a minimalistic lifestyle, and, in turn, take extra care in choosing which brands and artisans to work with. You will find that each of them share key commonalities––including a commitment to thoughtful, purposeful craftsmanship and an insistence on the use of top-notch materials. Inherent to these brands are stories steeped in culture and community.

An expression of character, a conversation starter

At CATO, it is our belief that objects are expressions of character, and that such objects double in function as conversation starters. Our purpose then is to make available a range of pieces that add that bit of personality into your space or day-to-day, or that work to reflect your particular taste.



For the curious, our concept borrows the pet name given to our cat––little, grey, and lithe as she is.