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Tray No. 1



Tray No. 1 is the first of our original and locally manufactured objects for the home. It features a straightforward design marked by clean lines and natural wood patterns. Though rather discreet, the defining characteristic of this tray is in its handles. Its sides have been slotted to span its full length, and are accentuated by wider blocks of wood. This configuration allows for a comfortable grip of the fingers and a more distinctive design element. What you see is a tangible representation of our fondness for the minimal and unassuming.

This is what we like to consider a foundational piece—simple in form and versatile in function. Use this as a service tray for your at-home coffee, tea, or pastries, or as a decorative tray paired with books, ceramics, and other such accents. Our hope is for this object to own part of your space and share in your everyday moments.


The timber used for this tray is prepared in-house. It is cut to size and built entirely by hand by a single craftsman. Once assembled, it is sanded carefully and evenly. Our logo at the bottom is engraved to precision. In the process, the natural aroma of the Western Red Cedar, sweet and floral-like, begins to cling to the tray. Hints of this scent should linger.

Our original works are intentionally produced in limited quantities. Each piece is unique; expect that no two are completely identical in color, grains, and patterns. This is because we insist on making use of the wood in its more innate form, a practice that we borrow to more fully honor the craft and the material.

Western Red Cedar

40cm x 30cm x 3cm


Note: This item is for pre-order. Our original works are intentionally produced in limited quantities. Each piece is assembled entirely by hand by a dedicated craftsman. Please anticipate a 15-day leadtime. Orders may be shipped out sooner depending on availability.

Designed in collaboration with Lamana Furniture Concepts. Made in the Philippines. © Cato Objects